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What is Sexuality Coaching?

Sexuality Coaching is different than therapy, in moderate ways.  When you want to deal with the present and focus on goals with the future in mind - you see a coach.  When you want to address issues from your past that get in the way of your present, you see a therapist.  That is the most simplistic way to describe it.  Your coach isn't going to rehash your past and send you back through your trauma. Your therapist will.  

So when it comes to sex and looking at issues of intimacy in your relationship, which professional you are best suited to depends on your situation.  Both solve problems, just in different ways.  

As a sexologist, one of the tools in my professional tool box is coaching.  It's a way clients can gain personalized help with areas that affect the intimate aspect of their marriage - which is sex, yes.  But there's a whole lot more to having great sex as a couple than just talking about techniques and toys.

We all know that sex is a vital component to our existence as a human being, but when it comes to being paired up, married, and having a family - it can get ugly quick!  Let's be real. Suddenly that hot hunk can't get it up anymore.  Or that beauty queen just isn't looking the same.  Life happens.  When it does and it strikes the bedroom, chances are pretty great that not even your family physician can coach you through this one (nor do they have the time)!  

That's where I come in - Tami Butler.  Your private Faith-based Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sexuality Coach.

As a sexologist, it's my "job" to study all aspects of love, sex, mating, attraction, and relationships.  From brain science to bodily functions. From eating the right foods, to balancing hormones so you can function properly.  Even techniques that make for great sex and a more highly pleasurable experience for both partners.

I focus on the married relationship between a husband and a wife, but I also work with engaged and dating couples to help them prepare for success long term.  What good is a wedding without proper preparation for the marriage?  Love, commitment, trust, honesty, transparency, respect - all important.  As are many other subjects we'll talk about.  Because the bottom line of a great relationship is a healthy mix of alot of things.  Sex isn't isolated as a physical event.  In order for the sex to be great, and sustainably great, you're going to need to learn solid relationship management skills.  Or at some point, you're relationship is going to hit a snag in the bedroom. That's where I come in. To help you sort all that out and find balance.

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As a Faith-based Clinical Sexologist and Certified Sexuality Coach you'll find me to be down-to-earth, a bit silly at times, clinically serious and knowledgeable (in more areas than I once knew existed!), quite creative, and well organized.  I love my clients and seeing the growth in them that results in a happier couple. 

If you'd like to book a session, hop over to my coaching packages page and let's talk about it!  I work with individuals and couples nationwide.  Even though I have a private practice office here in the Denver metro for face-to-face sessions, they are conducted right now via Zoom.

You can choose a date/time on my calendar, pay online, and I'll email you the client intake forms prior to our session.

I work best with couples who are committed to seeing their relationship work, who are willing to do the work necessary to make that happen.  With God, all things are possible! Let's focus on that possibility and making your relationship better.

The success of your relationship and the level of satisfaction you experience depends on you, but sometimes you need a little help getting there!

some of the ways COACHING can help you [and your relationship]

the art of foreplay

oral sex techniques

date night ideas

improving communication

understanding pleasure zones

safer sex

bedroom make-over

assessing +/- of your relationship

sex drive/function concerns

pain-free anal sex techniques

erectile dysfunction

falling in love again [with each other]

using sex toys

sex as you age

sex during/after pregnancy

spicing things up

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