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Share the love with food and participate in our upcoming COUPLES COOK cookbook!  
Open to married, engaged and dating couples

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Cooking is a great activity for couples.  It's also a great source of memories for many families - preparing, eating and enjoying good food together. 


What's a favorite dish that comes to mind when you think of a loved one?  A recipe you created that your family just loves to eat?  A recipe passed down by mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle that has been in the family for generations?  The one thing your friends crave for you to make and bring to the next gathering?  It's that recipe that needs to be showcased and preserved in our upcoming Couples Cook cookbook!

Part of the fun in a community cookbook is seeing the variety of recipes, cultures represented, and cooking styles!   To foster the fun, each couple will be featured alongside their recipe with a short bio.  So you'll be able to flip through the cookbook when it's done, and enjoy plenty of new dishes, from couples in places you may not have been.  Super cool!

Our goal is to have recipe participation from over 100 couples sharing the love with food.  

Not only is it super cool to be part of a cookbook, but it's designed as a fundraiser too!  When the cookbook is published, each participating couple has the option to purchase as many copies as they like at a flat wholesale/discount price.  You can then use the book to raise money for the organization of your choice!  Say you buy the cookbook for $5, the suggested donation is $25 to anyone you "sell" it to, that leaves $20 going directly back to your organization!  This gives you as a couple the opportunity to give back to your own direct community/cause, in a way that makes your heart happy!

All the way around the Couples Cook cookbook is a win-win!


Ready to get started?  Want to participate?  Here's how it works:


Reserve Your Spot!

The first step is to reserve your spot in the book, so we can plan appropriately for production.  The cost as a couple to participate is just $100!  This includes the set-up of two recipes, complete with your names and bio. 


There is no other cost to you, other than the wholesale/discount cost of the actual printed cookbooks once they are published. How many you choose to purchase is up to you - either for yourself, friends, or your organization.

Click here to reserve your spot now and pay the participation fee:


Choose Your Recipes
As a couple, choose two of your best recipes that you would like to have included in the cookbook. These are the things you make that everyone drools over!  The classic recipe that's all "you"!  A family generational favorite you want to keep alive and share.  You should choose recipes that are easy to explain step-by-step, with accurate measures, a full ingredient list, and complete preparation instructions.  Remember, you are telling how to make the food item in a way someone who has never made it before can understand.

Choose one category for each recipe.  The submission form will include available categories.  Once we have received enough recipes for a category, that category will be closed.  It is recommended that you submit your recipe early to secure a place in your desired category.


These are the categories: 

  1. Breakfast Favorites

  2. Lunches

  3. Snacks & Appetizers

  4. Quick & Rise Breads

  5. Dinner Entrees

  6. Side Dishes

  7. Delicious Desserts

  8. Beverages (non-alcoholic)

  9. Potluck Shares

  10. Just for Kids

  11. Food Preservation (canning, freezing, etc)

  12. Great Giftables

Please submit your recipes no later than November 1, 2022.  If we extend the deadline, we will let you know! 


Complete the Submission Form
The submission form includes all the information we need from you to include your recipes and couple's bio in the cookbook.  Grab your recipes, and head over to the form to input the information.  

Click here to complete the form and submit your recipes: 

That's it!
Once we have both your participation fee and the completed submission form, we will review your information.  If it all looks good, we'll send your confirmation email out letting you know, you're good!  Then, sit tight, let us go to work getting the cookbook ready for press.  Once it's about to be published, you will be the first to know!  We're hoping to launch for Valentine's Day 2023!



When we receive your participation fee, your spot in the book will be reserved for you.  You have until November 1, 2022 to submit the actual recipes.  If we extend that deadline, we will let you know.  We will send you an email, notifying you that your participation fee has been received and ask you to reply to confirm the title and category of the recipes you will be submitting.

Once received, if for some reason your submission is missing pertinent information necessary to publish your recipe, we will contact you right away for any corrections needed.  Corrections must be received in a timely manner so production can continue.

As recipe submissions come in, we will do our best to remove categories from the submission form that are filled.  If you do not see a category (listed above) on the submission form, it means that category is full and we are no longer accepting new recipes for that specific category.  You may however, choose from one of the remaining categories still open for submission, until such categories are filled.

By submitting your recipes, you agree to them being published and consent to us using the data you have provided on the submission form.

Submission does not guarantee publication.  We reserve the right to reject a recipe if it does not meet our requirements, or in the event we already have a similar recipe for that category.  In such case, we will contact you to see if you would like to submit a different recipe.  If not, the participation fee will be refunded.  For submissions with accepted recipes, the participation fee is non-refundable.

The cookbook will go to press once we have sufficient recipes to complete the designated categories.  Our goal is to have the cookbook available by Valentine's Day 2023, but actual publication date will be based on submissions received.

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