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It's Time to Step it Up and Take the Get Your SEXY Back Lifestyle Challenge! 

Hey there! I want to speak to those of you that may be feeling a little less than sexy.  I want to invite you to join me in the "Get Your Sexy Back!" lifestyle challenge.


Let's focus on making some changes to first and foremost, our health!  Because a healthy body means more energy, a stronger vibrancy toward life, and an overall increased well being.


We can't rely on someone else to do this for us. The younger you start, the better it is for you!


We want to increase our immune systems, cut out the junk and toxins, set up new lifestyle habits and get into a better place!


Getting your sexy back moves you into a place of confidence, so you can feel more positive about you, which will then filter to your relationship.


It's not about being skinny or looking like a super model, it's about getting your body on a track to better health.  One step at a time!  Men and women alike.


Because I'm an advocate of creating systems, we're going to use Arbonne nutrition and personal care products as aides in our "Get Your Sexy Back!" challenge.


Simple solutions, small but consistent changes, with hope for big results!


If your doctor was to look inside your body, would your organs and tissues be healthy? So many are ticking time bombs waiting to go off! Let's not wait for that. Let's do something now.


I hope you'll join me in the journey. There will be candid conversations and boost your health as we go tips. I'm going to share with you through the blog and I invite you to send in your comments, pictures, results and wins on our journey together!


Let's get your eyes shining bright, glistening. Your heart happy, physically. Your body strengthened and tuned up. And your eating habits put in check. While the scale is a gauge, it's not always your friend (right?). Let's focus on how the clothes fit, how you feel in them, how you're able to move around and enjoy this life!


I'm in Colorado, so come spring, there will be some hikes going on (just sayin'!). You'll too will have your fitness faves, and may have to modify your activities based on your current health, physical abilities, and individual goals. Perhaps your mate will join you on the journey?  If not, it's okay.  Do this for you.  So you can be around in this world longer to enjoy the things you love!


Just so you know (disclaimer), I'm not a health nut or a gym rat. I'm just a girl looking to live my best life and make it even better!  This is kinda like a personal conquest gone public!  But I figure we can have fun together and see where it takes us, right? 


Let's get the groove going together and get our sexy back! With confidence in our step, let the journey begin!

Go to the online Arbonne product store, where you can sign up as a Preferred Customer and get a discount on every order!  


I'll be posting totally FREE tips, comments, ideas, recipes, trips, and more to help in our "Get Your SEXY Back!" journey together.

Me, a few years back (right?).  Now I'm on a quest to renew that vibe and bring others on the Get Your Sexy Back! journey!

History Note:  Arbonne is a company founded in 1975, developed in Switzerland, with extremely high quality standards for ingredients in the health & beauty industry. They moved US operations to Southern California, where the company operates today.

what is "SEXY"?
An attitude of confidence and being comfortable with one's body.

Sexy is....


You, confident in your skin.

It's being your best and taking care of yourself, from the inside out.

It's having energy and vitality to do the things in life you love.

It's a "can do" attitude and an expect to win perspective.


It's looking at yourself in the mirror with a smile each day.

It's passing that love of self on to your partner in ways that make them feel valued.

It's an attitude of assurance of your worth that you accept as your own that radiates to others.

It's you, at your best - continually striving for the best version of yourself while remaining at peace with where you are, while you're growing.


It's looking at physical components of your health and reforming habits that are harmful to you (and your relationship).


It's getting your groove back.

It's you, standing tall.

That's sexy!

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