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My Breast Cancer Awareness Story

It’s hard to image how life changing breast cancer could be.  As I sat in the breast center wearing my flowered “cape” awaiting my mammogram results, after having had two former breast cancer scares.  I watched the women who came in with the same matching attire as mine – wondering what report they would receive.  We half-heartedly joked as we saw each other, silently scared it might be “us”.

After waiting a short time, I was relieved to receive a “negative” report.  Ahhh, cancer free!  A sigh of relief came upon me.  Then I realized, other women are not so fortunate. Today (or any day), their lives are being turned upside down with news less positive than mine. 

Many of us can relate to someone we have known that breast cancer has touched.  And until you are touched by this experience or receive a “suspicious tissue” diagnosis (as I have twice now), it doesn’t really hit home.  When they start squishing and poking and prodding at what seems like your womanhood (on the surface, to the outside world), it’s not a good time.   

Breasts are a symbol of femininity in our culture.  When we look in the mirror as women, how we see our breasts can affect our self-esteem, worth, how attractive we feel or don’t, and of course – our sexuality.  Big or small, there or not – our breasts affect intimacy and our sexual experiences with our partner.  It’s like they are all tied and connected.  Who am I as a woman?  Do my breast define me? The answer should be a ginormous “No!”, because as women, we are more than our breasts.

I wanted to create a natural looking product that embraces the beauty in a woman, regardless of how many breasts she has.  To say, “Hey girl, you're beautiful!” as you look yourself in the mirror – with two, one or no breasts staring back at your naked self.  And even though the breast cancer journey kicks some of us in the butt, let’s not let the world tell us we are less (or more) beautiful because of the way our breast look.

This pillow isn’t just for fun (although it most definitely gets some attention).  It’s for a higher purpose – to embrace the beauty of you.  To embrace being a woman, regardless of how many breasts you have (or don’t).  The “b” stands for breast, the “2” stands for two of them, the “1” stands for one, and the “0” stands for none.  Either way girl, you’re beautiful!

I hope you’ll join me in spreading the b 2-1-0 cause.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pillow goes towards breast cancer research and awareness, and in celebrating being a woman!   Who do you know that would love to get one of these as a gift?  b 2-1-0 is about embracing the beautiful woman you are, regardless of your breasts.  Breasts don’t make a woman.   Who you are inside makes you. 


Let’s be people of compassion, sharing love in our communities, and doing are part to recognize that even if we’re one of the fortunate ones to not have to deal with this horrible disease, that someone else next to you may not be so fortunate.  Together we can do more, be more, and love more.  Let’s spread the love. The b 2-1-0 project.

A portion from every sale goes to a charitable breast cancer non-profit.

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