our mission

why SEX?

Because it's the most sacred and intimate bond a couple can share - and GOD created it!


It's time to TALK ABOUT IT.


There's a lot that goes into having a fantastic sexual experience.  It's not as "basic instinct" as you think.  Even in the wild among the animal kingdom, mates are openly rejected.  Humans too!  It takes a certain amount of SWAG - how you look, how you smell, how you move, the sound of your voice, mannerisms, pheromones released, nerves pulsating, hormones elevating, brain synching, and more - to engage the sexual response cycle.


This is why beyond the honeymoon phase, couples struggle.  In the beginning it was a love story!  But as time progressed, life happened to you both, and some of those faculties out right disappeared. 100% normal (just in case you were wondering).


"Mating" has already occurred and your body knows it.  It's smart.  So sometimes we have to work a little harder at balancing the other parts of our relationship (beyond the sex).  So we can trick all the intricate parts of our body (that science tells us about) to react in harmony.  Harmony, or unity, relaxes both the brain and the body so the sexual response cycle can be carried out.


If you don't like each other, chances are pretty good your body's sexual response cycle is turning the light switch "Off!". 


That's where we begin to look at all the other areas that make up the two of you as a couple, and start creating a healthy balance.  Then the signals of your body will engage once again and "green light" the process of sexual arousal.  Light switch "On!".


So when we say help you improve the intimate aspect of your marriage - that's what we mean and it's STEP 1. 


STEP 2 is having great sex - the toe curling, fireworks seeing, butterflies in your tummy kind where your mind, body and spirit are all in unison with this one other person.  Almost heavenly.  But we need to address STEP 1 first.


When STEP 1 (improving the intimate aspect of your marriage) and STEP 2 (having great sex) are in order, STEP 3 happens (getting to forever).


The mission at the business of LOVE has been just that since we started back in 2008.

our mission

"Helping couples improve the intimate aspect of their marriage, have great sex, and get to forever!"

health benefits of sex
Medical research confirms the following health
benefits, when sex is within a committed relationship
Reduces stress (feel good chemicals flood the brain - Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin).
Improves mood, wards off depression, improves mental health (go Oxytocin!).
Promotes restful sleep (the Prolactin snooze!).
Boosts immune system and helps fight disease (increases antibodies like Immunoglobulin A).
Lowers risk of prostate cancer in men (frequent ejaculation).
Reduces risk of heart disease in men and women, and hypertension in women (emotional closeness, cuddling, well being).
Increases intimacy and strengthens couple bond.
Protects and improves brain cognition and function.
Blocks and reduces pain (Endorphins and Oxytocin).
Good form of exercise (stretch muscles, flex joints, increase respiration, heart rate, energize body).