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the why


Helping Couples Create a Healthy Marriage, Have Great Sex, and Get to Forever

That’s the goal. It’s not an easy one. When it comes to love, each couple has an experience that is unique to them. A relationship dynamic that cannot be duplicated with any other person. Call it chemistry, or not.

In the process of love and attraction, your brain is biologically wired to signal your body and respond to your partner to the degree you like and are satisfied with them (and your relationship). Scientific research proves how newly paired couples are literally “intoxicated” with nature’s love cocktail – neurologically. As this wears off over time, your brain comes back to it’s “normal”, and you begin to see the other person in a whole new way. Well, the original way before you were love intoxicated!

So, while you don’t necessarily choose who you fall in love with - you can choose how you approach meeting someone new, who you will or will not enter a relationship with, what actions you will take once you are in that relationship, and the level of investment you care to make.

Successful relationships require two people, choosing each other. Repeatedly, throughout the life of the marriage.

When I talk to couples about having a great sex life, I have to first circle back to, “Let’s talk about the health of your relationship.”  Most couples who have continued disconnect sexually, have a disconnect relationally with their partner, in some way.

While it may be fun and exciting to talk about techniques and toys (and we certainly can talk about those things), I want to give you access to tools that will help you create (and maintain) healthy love.

Couples who have a healthy relationship are able to be vulnerable and intimate with one another, engage in sustainably great sex (that's a whole other discussion!), and are more likely to get to forever.

That’s what this journey is about… healthy, great sex, forever.  Let’s talk about it.

our mission

"Helping couples create a healthy marriage, have great sex, and get to forever!"

health benefits of sex
Medical research confirms the following health
benefits, when sex is within a committed relationship
Reduces stress (feel good chemicals flood the brain - Dopamine, Endorphins, Oxytocin).
Improves mood, wards off depression, improves mental health (go Oxytocin!).
Promotes restful sleep (the Prolactin snooze!).
Boosts immune system and helps fight disease (increases antibodies like Immunoglobulin A).
Lowers risk of prostate cancer in men (frequent ejaculation).
Reduces risk of heart disease in men and women, and hypertension in women (emotional closeness, cuddling, well being).
Increases intimacy and strengthens couple bond.
Protects and improves brain cognition and function.
Blocks and reduces pain (Endorphins and Oxytocin).
Good form of exercise (stretch muscles, flex joints, increase respiration, heart rate, energize body). 
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