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Meal Choices

Hey! Thanks for reading. One of the things we should all be watching is what goes on our plate. In another post I'll share shopping tips, but this one, I want to talk about meal choices. Now, tonight I was a little tired so I wasn't about going through too much to eat dinner! Ever feel like that? The day gets so busy, you just want to put some food in your body and relax.

Here's where we can make some choices. A grilled chicken breast with seasoning (Isn't it cute? Thought it was so funny it's shaped like a heart! God has a sense of humor, just for me). It needed a side. So I grabbed a fresh baby zucchini from the fridge, washed it, sliced it up - and voila! Dinner. Now I know it could have used another side, but this was as far as I was taking it tonight! But, it was a healthy choice for my body. It was satisfying, filled me up. Super easy to prepare too.

Many times, it's not the main entrée that's bad, it's what you put with it that takes it to either the good or the not-so-good side. Be aware of those choices. Start changing them, one side dish at a time! I think you'll like the cumulative results.

I know I always feel good when I eat healthy. How about you? Make a list of possible sides to your protein. Assuming it's meat (more on plant based another time). Then go through the list, cross off those that aren't good for you, circle those that are nutritious, close to live/garden grown, and plant based. Then decide to stock more of those in your fridge. The less your body gets the unhealthy foods and the more it gets the healthy ones, it will stop screaming and start calming down! You'll see your body throw a fit in the transition to healthier eating. But you have to crucify your flesh so to speak, until it gets used to the better stuff.

Organic produce is always best, grass fed/hormone-free meat, free range chicken eggs, and many other natural/organic foods. You may never have explored these foods, but we will on our journey together to Get Your SEXY Back!


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