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Start Moving Your Body

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Hey friends! Today I want to encourage you to start moving your body, and get on a consistent exercise schedule. If you've been following the other blog posts in our "Get Your Sexy Back!" Lifestyle Challenge, you can see this is leading us down a path to better physical well being.

Now, I'm not into spending hours at a time at the gym, but I do believe it's important to get in the habit of physical exercise. Exercise has many health benefits, and most of us all ready know that. But the question really is, "Are you doing it?"

No matter what else is going on in your life, exercise is essential to longevity as well as being a great confidence booster! When you get your body moving, you're going to feel better. Even if you start in small increments, just be consistent and build your way up.

If you have a physical limitation (like I had with going through surgery), it can set you back, put you on pause awhile. Just start again, as soon as you are able.

Maybe it's an upper body workout, or a lower, or aerobic activity, perhaps weight lifting. You might prefer to use equipment at a gym, go for a walk, do kickboxing, participate in a class, or engage in a sport. Regardless of the type of physical activity, you need to find what you enjoy and what can be done under your current schedule. Then set aside your time.

If you have weight loss goals, you'll need to be more aggressive with your work out regimen. You may even want to hire a personal trainer to help you. If you're doing it for general body health and overall fitness, that's fine too. Choose activities based on your personal goals.

I like to hike, but after coming off foot surgery, my body isn't ready yet. Listen to your doctor too. I have the okay to resume gym workouts, but with restrictions until my body fully heals. And that's okay. By spring, I will have time to rehabilitate. If you have a disability or limitation, be careful, but even stretching can help. Do what you can do, and it's important to listen to the signals of your body. Naturally as you begin to stretch those muscles out and work them, you're going to get sore. Know when to push through it, and when to stop.

As you get into a routine, you'll have more mental clarity, increased energy, start to feel better in your clothes, and so much more!

Start with the EnergyFizz beverage, pop together a nutritious protein shake for breakfast, head out and get your body moving! At least 30 minutes, 3 to 5 days per week is ideal (at minimum), based on the recommendations of most experts in the wellness field. Even a daily walk can be quite beneficial.

Be sure to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated as you workout. I like to bring along my own water bottle with added citrus slices to it for natural flavor. Cucumber and mint are great too.

Bring a hand towel with if you need to wipe sweat. Create a new "workout" playlist, bring your headphones, and use that time to decompress your mind (and get your groove going!). You might also double up your workout with inspirational teachings. Accomplishing two things at the same time, both great for your mental health!

There are many exercise equipment options out there. I love to use a belly band to give me extra low back support and help "melt away" the excess (lol, if only it were that easy!) as I work out. Play with some new fitness toys and expand into new physically active hobbies (archery, bowling, swimming, hiking, karate, boxing, etc). You might discover a new activity that you end up loving!

Bottom line, see what options are available to you in your local area, set a plan, and start. That's half the battle! Once you start, commit. After 30 to 60 days, if you're combing with healthy eating, you'll see and feel the changes. Diet is a large part of physical health, and also, important for your libido!

A healthy body, healthy mind, confident you goes a long way in helping you have a great sex life with your partner.

Lastly, don't forget to grab a tape measure and write down your body measurements. Measure your thighs (around the thickest part at the top - left and right), hips (around the fullest part of your buttocks), waist (about 2-3" below your belly button), chest/bust (around the fullest part under your arms), arms (at the fullest part of the top - left and right), and your neck (optional but interesting!). Document your numbers, and do a recheck in 30 days. Then write your new numbers down. Do this until you get to your goals. I much prefer measurements to weighing yourself on a scale. Because muscle weighs more than fat. As you get leaner, you'll be more concerned about your body shape and balance rather than weight. Using a scale is still a good idea. Just don't get discouraged by the numbers so early on in the process. I prefer the digital scales best. For around $25, you can get one that will also measure your body fat percentage - pretty cool!!

I hope you'll decide to go for it, and take the "Get Your Sexy Back!" Lifestyle Challenge. Do it for you. You'll be glad you did!

Here's a short message from me at the gym:


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