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Hey there, it’s Tami. Sorry it’s been a bit since the last post, but as you may have experienced with your family – sometimes life gets in the way! But all is not lost, I am still here. Working on the Get Your Sexy Back challenge behind the scenes, so I can share hopefully useful information with you to help you along in your quest. We’ve heard stories of the post COVID bulge, maybe you’re one of them! You may have gone through some health issues of your own or been alongside a loved one who did. I sympathize with your pain and understand we have setbacks that may slow us down. I too have had my share of those setbacks. Let me enlighten you a bit then bring this around to our topic for today, and that’s strength.

Sometimes what you need is change, and it may take a setback or two to realize that. In the abridged version, over the past few months I've recovered from foot surgery, then a broken toe, and worked my way back to hiking again (hikes are fabulous out here in Colorado, I'm not going to lie). I quit my "day job" cold turkey (shocker!), went completely solo with a client-based/project work schedule, and started hitting the gym in the mornings. All of these monumental for me. I was on my way to design a new life and to get not just my sexy, but my life back!

My new regime entailed an hour on the machines (I’m a PF girl), then I added cycling to my workouts (AKA, stationary bicycle – goes nowhere physically, but everywhere with proper mental imaging). As I'm about to turn a new digit (can you guess my age?), strength is a concern to me. I want to be in my best shape and get better every year! By keeping my body strong, I can circumvent a boat load of health issues and keep my mobility best I can as I age. I am fully aware that physical limitations can really put a damper on things! I've been there, and it's not fun. I have empathy for those who suffer daily from conditions they cannot control. But this is about what you CAN control. Then asking if you are being honest with yourself.

Case in point. When I started riding the stationary bike at the gym, I was hesitant that I could make a mile without my heart beating out of my chest. Having recently been put on a heart monitor for two weeks by my cardiologist, my concerns were real! But then, I started taking inventory of what was going on in my life. Truth is, I had become so discontent with the way work was going, it was affecting my body physically. I kept getting all these weird issues coming up in a short period of time. Oh, that's right. I also had oral surgery! Why am I telling you this? Look deeper at the cause of your issues. See, I started analyzing for myself and I recalled a time in my life of recent years when my heart flared up, and the immediate situation at hand came to mind. I could directly trace my physical heart pain and problems to emotional heart pain and problems - thus trauma. So I know, when I'm in duress, my heart is going to tell me - literally. Maybe that's you too. It's not being made up in the mind, it's a symptom of a greater issue in my case which - my heart told me! Once I eliminated the problem (AKA source of my pain), guess what? It stopped! No, no. Not my heart silly. My heart pain stopped.

So back to cycling at the gym. I figured if I was honest, I could push myself a bit. So, a mile I did. Then 3. Then 5. Then 8. Thing is that the cycle at the gym maxes out on the timer at 60 minutes. When you get to 60 minutes, stats total and it resets the machine. I made it a personal challenge (as I was making my legs sexy strong) to see how many miles I could get done in 60 minutes. To date, I am now at 11.2 miles in 60 minutes, on "hill" setting, Level 3. Wow!!! Who would have thought I could do that? And guess what else? Yup. You guessed it - no heart pain. It seems on this challenge to Get Your SEXY Back, I've run into some further bonuses in the matter. I bet you will too.

My head is clear. My attitude is great. My body is being rehabilitated and getting stronger. My own way of sexy is making it's way back into my life in a new and transformed way. Being your sexy is you! My sexy is me. Tall or short, large or thin, wide or narrow - you need to find your sexy. Because sexy truly does come in all shapes and sizes! I'm an advocate though of becoming the best version of oneself. We know from research that there are certain foods, lifestyles, behaviors that contribute to a health body and an unhealthy one. I want to be around for years to come, and God willing, see my one day grandchildren be born and grow up! I want to be the Nana everyone looks forward to gathering around for stories and a great meal. Call me nostalgic, but these are the things that matter to me - family. My loved ones. My love. I do it for me, but I also do it for them.

Getting physically stronger is a good thing. It also helps your sex life! When you can balance, control your muscles, lift, pivot, and move more freely - sex gets better. For you and your mate. It also helps aid in stamina. And it's not just the men ladies - it's you too! That cowgirl ride is going to take some thigh muscles under control. When doggie style is going on, you don't want your knees collapsing under you, or to be lacking in core strength. For the gentlemen - arm and chest muscle strength is important too - for many positions where you must support yourself or your partner. Working out is great for your sex life. It also creates more confidence, which allows you to more easily release your inhibitions. When you're proud of your body, you'll have more confidence in the bedroom (or elevator - LOL!).

Consider what you can do to eliminate stressors that are bringing your health down and add positives that build your physical and emotional strength up. It may mean making minor or even drastic life changes - like quitting something that's just not working for you. Get out a piece of paper, divide it in half, make the classic "pros" and "cons" columns, and start being your own detective. What produces joy in your life and what produces pain? Use whatever two opposites suit your comparison. But at the core of our challenge is creating a healthier you, for a healthier love relationship, for a healthier life... period.

Isn't it time you get stronger? In whatever way you are physically able to do so (without excuses). Do it!

I don't know if months from now you'll exactly be able to bounce a ball off my abs, but I will tell you this. I'm going out and buying a two-piece bathing suit. Just because I want to. You may find me glowing at the pool. Just sayin'. It is June in the Mile High City. Sexy, here we come!

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel for lots of great episodes on a variety of topics. Here’s the latest for the blog on strength:


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