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If you're looking for a presentation for your organization or small group ministry, take a look at the presentations listed below.  I am happy to customize a presentation to suit the needs of your group - whether married, engaged, or dating - on topics relevant to my expertise.

Presentations are can be done in person or via Zoom.


This presentation approaches sex from a biblical view between a husband and a wife.  Sex is more than a physical act, it is an intimate expression of God's most sacred bond.  Couples will gain a new perspective and be exposed to information that may be a surprise, as we cover 7 secrets to cultivating great sex!

We'll talk about:

  • Body basics 

  • Setting the mood

  • Effective techniques

  • Spiritual connection

  • Attitude and approach

  • Quality and frequency

  • Health and nutrition

This is a very visual presentation that will keep participants engaged (suitable for grown up eyes only).


Speaker:                Audience:


Tami Butler
Married couples

For profit - call for fee
Non-profit - honorarium
(at ministry discretion)

Participant Materials
Customized worksheets/handouts

Cultivating Great Sex [in Marriage]

IMAGE Cultivating Great Sex [in marriage


This presentation will help you express your love and loyalty to your man.  To be exceptional and stand out to him. To display relentless commitment, even when he may not deserve it.  Designed for women, with a biblical view on marriage.

We'll talk about how to:

  • Be a woman of courage and show honor  

  • Give him the gift of true love

  • Develop character traits that make you better

  • Improve your relationship

  • Help him experience God through you

  • Maximize your influence

  • Be unforgettable in his eyes

Content is practical, and good for restoring hope.




Tami Butler

For profit - call for fee
Non-profit - honorarium
(at ministry discretion)

Participant Materials*
Includes warrior pack (shown) - $35 retail value

  • Stand by Your Man book

  • Stand by Your Man prayer journal

  • I'm Standing dog tag necklace

  • I'm Standing stretchy bracelet

*Optional offering with virtual presentations.

Stand by Your Man

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