b 2-1-0 Pillow

b 2-1-0 Pillow


This beautiful pillow showcases with confidence a woman's body and her breast configuration - whether she has two, one, or none.  


An elegant representation that makes both a fun and sentimental gift for her or for him. Sure to be a conversation starter, and very comfortable for those cuddling and relaxing moments.  The perfect size as a throw or travel pillow.


Product Details:

  • Soft, cuddly fabric
  • Makes a great and unique gift!
  • Every order customized
  • Hand crafted with love
  • Made in USA
  • Ships within 7 to 10 days (rush available - call us!)
  • Finished size: approximately 17" wide x 13" high x 9" deep


Choose Your Customizations:
Enjoy free customizations of your pillow!

1. Choose the flesh tone color combination (see images - color on the left is what the body of the pillow will be made in, color on the right is the color of the areola/nipple area) - combo 1, 2, 3, or 4.  Keep in mind variations in fabric and die lots may not be exact to what you see in the photos, but they should be pretty close.

2. Choose how many breasts you would like on your pillow: 2 breasts, 1 breast (choose which side of the body you want the breast on, the side without the breast will have a simulated "scar"), no breast (both sides will have a simulated "scar").


This pillow comes naked (no bra).

Flesh Tone Color Choice (Body/Nipple)
Breast Option
  • Order Information

    Pillows are made with love and care, and are washable.  Keep in mind if you wash your pillow, wash it alone in cool water, and do not dry it.  We are not responsible for pillows damaged if you choose to launder it.  


    Orders are non-returnable, due to the personal and hygenic nature of a pillow. All orders are made, processed, and shipped with care.  Should you notice any defects in construction of your pillow, please let us know within 2 days or receiving your order. All pillows are made to order, and imperfections (as in a human body) are normal and part of the overall design concept.


    We hope you (or your gift recipient) will enjoy your pillow for years to come!

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