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Who should you trust when it comes to your relationship and your sex life? We all know that sex is a vital component to our existence as a human being, but when it comes to being paired up, married, and having a family - it can get ugly quick!  Let's be real. Suddenly that hot hunk can't get it up anymore.  Or that beauty queen just isn't looking the same.  Life happens.  When it does and it strikes the bedroom, chances are pretty great that not even your family physician can coach you through this one (nor do they have the time)!  

That's where I come in - Tami Butler.  Your private sexologist.

Take a look at some of the most common issues shown in the boxes below, and you can get an idea of how I can help. It's not a complete list by any means, but enough to give you a big picture view of the possibilities.  I work directly with my clients on issues that most concern them surrounding their sexuality and the intimate aspect of their relationship.

As a sexologist, it's my "job" to study all aspects of love, sex, mating, attraction, and relationships.  From brain science to bodily functions. From eating the right foods, to balancing hormones so you can function properly.  Even techniques that make for great sex and a more highly pleasurable experience for both partners.

I focus on the marriage relationship between a husband and a wife, but I also coach individuals to enjoy a sex positive lifestyle. You'll find me to be down-to-earth, a bit silly at times, clinically serious and knowledgeable (in more areas than I once knew existed!) and well organized.  I'm great at helping you develop a plan, find strategies to make it work, and holding you accountable to the goals you have for yourself and your relationship.  In a nutshell, that's what sexuality coaching is all about.  It's a growing science I'm committed to and highly passionate about.

my credentials

  • Certified Sexuality Coach - Dr. Rachael Institute

  • Certification coursework in Human Sexuality & Reproductive Health - Seattle College

  • Sex Educator/Speaker's Bureau  - Planned Parenthood 

  • Author of 8 published relationship books

  • Professional speaker - Love, Marriage, Sex, Relationships

  • 12 years of professional experience with a passion for marriages and helping couples stay together (since 2008)

  • Experienced wife, mom of three grown children (and every other "hat" under the sun we wear - right ladies?) 

  • Licensed and ordained minister - National Association of Christian Ministers

Tami Butler

some of the ways coaching can help you

Make every day a honeymoon!

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