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Improve your relationship!

What is it?

the assessment is a customized, strengths oriented assessment designed to give you as a couple a personalized snapshot of your relationship. It will give each of you a clear understanding of yourself and your partner, and how you function as a couple.   


It is a clinical assessment tool used by therapists, ministers, counselors, coaches, and marriage educators across the globe.

Over 4,000,000 couples so far have taken the assessment and found it extremely valuable to their relationship!  It is a highly effective tool with reliable accuracy.


It assesses relationship satisfaction levels in 9+ core areas (categories vary based on customized couple relationship), covers relationship dynamics, highlights 5 core elements of personality, and maps out both couple and family dynamics.

The core areas of relationship satisfaction (will change and adjust over the life of your relationship):

Conflict Resolution

Partner Style & Habits

Financial Management

Leisure Activities
Sexual Expectations

Family & Friends

Relationship Roles

Spiritual Beliefs

Marriage Expectations (engaged couples)

Parenting expectations (couples with children)

The core elements of personality (tend to remain the same over time for individuals):

Social - interest in people and social activities

Change - openness to change, flexibility, interest in new
Organization - in daily life, goal focus
Pleasing - how considerate and cooperative with others

Emotionally steady - relaxed or calm under stress

It's important to note it is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers!  When two individuals combine as a couple, the dynamics of the assessment results are that of those two individuals together.


It is useful for dating, engaged, and married couples and can be taken at periodic intervals (recommended every 3 to 6 months for couples working on improving their relationship; or annually on your anniversary).  the assessment for dating couples does not assume marriage as an outcome.  


Scores have proven to identify with 80-85% accuracy how happy (or unhappy) a premarital couple would be 3 years after marriage.


However, it is important to keep in mind that the degree to which a couple is willing to work on their relationship is the ultimate predictor of success.  the assessment gives you a solid tool to help you do that.

How Can it Help?

Couples can use this tool to learn about each other, discover real strengths, as well as areas to work on and grow.  Results change over time as the couple works on the health of their relationship (or doesn't).  Which is why the assessment is so effective - it will show you exactly what areas to target for discussion and improvement.

Specifically, it will help you as a couple:

  • Focus on behaviors and skills that will give you an edge on living in a happy relationship.

  • Efficiently determine strengths and areas to improve your relationship.

  • Quickly learn a great deal about the current state of your relationship.

  • Helps you define and describe issues that can become clouded when you are immersed in your own subjective feelings.

  • Offers an external viewpoint based on theory, research, and common language for describing relationships.

  • Be empowered to create a plan for change, based on you and your partner's strengths and preferences.

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How Does it Work?

You can book the assessment right here from our website.  You will choose a day/time on the calendar that works for both you and your partner to participate in a feedback session.  Once you have scheduled (and paid for) this session, check your email.

You will be given a private couple code by your facilitator (sent by email), which allows each of you to go online individually and complete your portion.  The report lists only your first names and is completely confidential.  It takes about 30-45 minutes, and should be done alone (DO NOT take the assessment with your partner).  Take the assessment in a quiet place, free of distractions, when you are rested, can take your time, think clearly and answer honestly.  


Once each of you has completed your portion, the results will merge into one couples report, with the results being sent to your facilitator.  Your facilitator will then contact you at the time of your scheduled feedback session to go over the results. This is done in a couple's session (virtually over Zoom), with both partners present.  

The assessment is highly personalized and works across all couple types, cultures, and backgrounds.  When you first log in to take the assessment, you will be asked some preliminary questions about your relationship that will further customize the results for you as a couple.

the assessment is available in standard (non-faith specific) and faith-based (Catholic, Protestant or Non-denominational, Orthodox Christian, Jewish, Interchurch/Interfaith) options, which you choose when you start the assessment.

What is the Cost?

The cost of the assessment is $239 per couple.

It includes:

  • Implementation and review of the assessment by a facilitator.

  • A copy of the couple's relationship assessment report
    (reports vary in length, most are 10-25 pages) given at the time of the feedback session.

  • A 55 minute feedback session (virtual via Zoom) with both partner's present, to go over the results and offer suggestions for growth.

NOTE:  the LOVE map intensive is an optional program designed to provide in-depth feedback and walk the couple through all of the components of the assessment in a systematic plan of growth over multiple weekly sessions (virtual via Zoom). 

If you wish to have more than one feedback session to work through the results of the assessment, we recommend registering for the LOVE map.