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The following testimonials were so graciously provided by professionals who have worked with me, Tami Butler, and can attest to my character as well as my drive to help others in both their personal and professional lives.  I'm more than a Sexologist.  I'm blessed to have crossed the paths of many outstanding individuals as a speaker, author, and business woman.

“Her positive and upbeat attitude never fails.”

- Aquilla Reed, former Wedding Coordinator at Celebration Chapel

"For six months I had the pleasure of working with Tami Butler. She exemplifies the very meaning of motivated vision.  Her work ethic is unrivaled and she follows through on tasks to their completion.  Her attention to detail and eye for aesthetics is professional, logical in its usability, and tranquil in fashion.  Her positive and upbeat attitude makes coming to the workplace a joy and it never fails to re-energize those around her.  Tami is an astute business woman and genuine person and I'd love to work with her again."

“Tami has the ability to truly move people.”

- Desi Williamson, CSP, CPAE at Impact! Seminars Unlimited, Inc

“Tami has the ability to truly move people.  Her strategies for relationships provide real world solutions to the problems people face each day.  Her books are a must read for anyone looking to positively improve the quality of their lives.”

“Tami is a very warm-hearted and compassionate person.”

- Luke Enno, Attorney at Enno Law

“Tami is a very warm-hearted and compassionate person. I believe she is fully committed to her passionate pursuit and I definitely would recommend her professional services whether as a speaker, author or coach. I know that she has a variety of relevant and valuable life experiences which help qualify her for what she does and make her capable of being able to relate to her clients and audience in a way that effectively communicates her message.”

“She always goes above and beyond.”

- Vicki Rocha, Licensed Clinical Counselor at Restorations for Life

“Tami is an accomplished writer and speaker. She is a very talented and gifted business woman. She is very knowledgeable in multiple areas and always goes above and beyond. Tami serves on my Board of Directors for my counseling ministry. She is very knowledgeable about business and legal matters. Tami is multi-talented in many areas and I would highly recommend her.”

“She brings to the table a winning personality.”

— Nadia Giordana, Author, Lifestyle Strategist, Mentor, Speaker

“I’ve been involved with Tami more than once, ranging from speaker coaching to reading her books, to her business and I’ve never been disappointed. She brings her talent and creativity into everything she does. On top of that, she brings to the table a winning personality and “can-do” attitude.”

“People are engaged by her warm presence."

- Diane Windingland, Professional Speaker
Small Talk, Big Results

“I worked with Tami for more than a year in a speaker mastermind group that she organized, which allowed me to both hear her present and to see her organizational skills in action! Tami plans ahead for maximum impact with her content, content that is closely aligned to her audience’s needs. She also brings an authentic enthusiasm to her topic! When Tami speaks, people are engaged by her warm presence, by her stories and by her thought-provoking content.”

“Her advice is face front and unabashedly frank.”

- MB Gavin II, Chief Strategist at Exit Strategy Inc.

“Tami has an edge in the personal development arena related to strengthening relationships between couples. This strengthening process prevent otherwise inevitable divorce which divide families, impacts children and weakens social networks. Her advice is face front and unabashedly frank which may make some blush, but when hiring a consultant you want applicable, digestible truths not candy coated maxims.”

“Tami is a smart, hardworking, enthusiastic expert."

- Gary Braley, Public Speaker & Digital Technologist

“Tami is a smart, hardworking, enthusiastic expert on a variety of subjects. She’s lead our speakers’ group for over two years and I’m always amazed at how much new knowledge she collects and presents at each meeting. She has a delightful sense of humor and the events she hosts are well-organized and a joy to attend. She relates well to her audiences and obviously enjoys her work whether it is speaking or organizing and leading a meeting.”

“Tami has a great personality."

- Christina Geissler, Graphic Designer

“Tami is a wonderful person to work with. She has a great personality and truly enjoys what she does. She is a very motivated and hard worker; you will notice that through the process. I’ve known Tami for 6+ years and highly recommend her.”

“Her enthusiasm and zest for life are seen in all she does!"

- Sharon Fecho, Health Coach at Take Shape for Life

“Tami is an amazing person who loves life and it shows in her work. Her enthusiasm and zest for life are seen in all she does, and it is contagious, which makes working with her so much fun! She brings value to anyone or any project she encounters, always helping others be their best. She won’t settle for anything less! Nothing stands in Tami’s way from getting everything accomplished and to perfection. She is an asset to all who have the privilege to work with her!”

"Tami is a wonderful person who loves people."

- Bob Carlson, Owner of Advance Capital Today

“Tami is a wonderful person who loves people. She is a hard worker and is an asset to whoever she works with.”

thanks to the many beautiful people of my life!
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