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healthy ME + healthy YOU = healthy WE

We'll give you essentials tools that will save you time and heartbreak.

Help you to get to know yourself and God's plan for you.

Show you how to be strategic about dating (with clinical knowledge and real world experience), especially if you're wanting a Kingdom spouse.

Prepare you for one of the most life-changing events, the unity of two!

Then guide you in maintaining that love in a healthy way, so you can both flourish in Christ together!

(Having great sex and getting to forever are the bonuses!)

Think of us as your love clinic.
Only virtual.

Helping You Create HEALTHY LOVE!

Combining faith, science, and clinical research for over 16 years to get you results!

How We Can Help

When you need to talk about it with a Certified Clinician and relationship expert.

Here you'll find our books, games for couples, and merch.

Access our videos, social posts, inspiration, and teachings.

Need a relationship speaker? Interested in facilitating a small group for singles?


Prepare for Kingdom Love!
Live your best life in your singleness, becoming all God has for you to be, as you prepare for a healthy love relationship in the future. Accept no counterfeits!


Grow in Kingdom Love!
Plan for and enrich your marriage as you walk out God's purpose for your union, learning how to flow together in life, and mutually love each other well.

Seattle, Washington

"As someone who recently left a toxic relationship, I have found the book DATE READY to be very helpful to me. It has helped me identify the signs to look for when trying to enter a Godly relationship. I think Tami went to great lengths to explain every aspect that God has for us with His love. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to date again or to just have any idea of what you are looking for."

Aurora, Colorado

"After being divorced and single for 7 years, I figured it was time to take a different approach to dating. This book [Date Ready] has given me a new perspective, one focused on God and finding the person for me."

Maple Grove, Minnesota

"As a licensed Christian therapist for over twenty years, I find great value in recommending Tami's book to my clients! It includes both clinical and practical advice I would give my own clients who are single. It's written in a way that not just honors God, but also helps readers understand Him more. I'm truly impressed with the level of detail and how thoroughly DATE READY addresses key issues so many people face."

What They're Saying About DATE READY

Single? You're going to want to get this!

Wouldn't it be great if you had a manual on dating?

Well, now you do. 

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