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The Relationship Card Game for Dating/Engaged Couples

Test Your Compatibility in 10 Key Areas!

How Do You Play?

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CHOICES™ is a fun game of 100 questions on relevant relationship topics. It covers 10 key areas that affect the health and longevity of a relationship, and will help you and your partner:

Test your compatibility
When dating and meeting someone new, it can be a little awkward bringing up those parts of life that make for a good pairing.  With the CHOICES™ deck in front of you both, the questions are designed in such a way that you can talk about how you're alike, how you're different, and what that might look like day-to-day if you were to enter into a relationship with one another.  

One of the things that makes the game unique is by playing with the optional scoring method.  There are 10 categories, 10 questions per category.  Every time you and your partner "match" with the same answer, you get 10 points!  100 points possible per category, 1,000 points possible when you cover all the questions/categories. How many points you end up with as a "team" will give you a strong indication of how compatible you are with this person.

Tip:  Keep in mind, it's important that you have "chemistry" first and have some level of attraction towards this person before testing for compatibility.

Fish out dating "deal breakers" early on

Those who are dating find that when they use the game as an intentional activity toward finding a healthy love relationship, they can get to the potential relationship "deal breakers" more quickly.  Rather than spending weeks or months to see if this person is a good match for you - beyond the chemistry.

Have fun getting to know your partner more
When that "love cocktail" is present, it's easy to lose sight of asking questions that will become reality later in your relationship.  The game gives you a way to cover relevant issues that affect day-to-day life, and see how your partner thinks and would respond. You may be surprised!


Go as deep as you feel comfortable with

Questions are stated in a way that can lead to enriching stories, life experiences, and give you the opportunity to bring up deeper issues related to the question.  You can keep it light, or go as deep as you feel comfortable. 

Plan for a healthy marriage, before you say "I Do!"

Playing the game can be a fun way to dig deeper in your relationship and talk about core issues in a non-threatening way.  Marriage is a serious commitment, and having this as a tool to see where your relationship may be strong or will need some compromising, is a big deal. 


CHOICES™ sparks meaningful conversations and covers the following 10 key areas of healthy relationships:

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There are many variations of how you can play this game.  It's very versatile and great for parties too!


You and your partner take turns choosing a card, reading the category and question, then sharing your answers with one another.  If you match the same letter answers (A, B, C, D) - you get 10 points! How many points will you end up with? The higher the total, the higher the compatibility!

Makes a FUN small (or large) group activity, where your guests/attendees get to know each other in a relaxed and conversational way. No scoring needed! Just laugh, explore, and have fun! 

Therapist and Counselor

What's Included?

CHOICES™ comes boxed (great for gift giving!) and contains 54 double-sided JUMBO 4' x 6" playing cards (108 sides in all).  They're colorful, a nice thick weight, coated, and fun to play!

Retailers - Call for special pricing

Bulk/group discount - Call for special pricing

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Family & Friends

Health & Fitness
Lifestyle & Habits
Relationship Views

Goals & Vision

"This game has saved me months of wasted time, money, and heartache!"

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What is the Cost?

The cost for THE GAME is $34.95

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